Volunteer Korea

Food Delivery to those in Need

Thursday, March 24th at 9:50am

This Thursday March 24th, Volunteer Korea will team up with Bong Vengers to deliver food to the underprivileged. Sign up on our  website!

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Time: 09:50am-12:30pm

Location: Catholic Love and Peace House near Seoul Station 

Address: 87-1 Huam-ro Catholic Love Peace House
Parking: Huam-dong Cathedral, 21-8 Huam-ro 34-gi

Max Participants from Volunteer Korea: 7 

(We will be divided into teams of 5 people divided by 6 groups and join the Bong Vengers people)

*Contents:  lunch box delivery (6 teams), simple cleaning, etc.

*Required to wear a mask on the day

*Temperature measurement required

주한외국인봉사센터와 봉벤져스가 함께 쪽방촌 도시락 배달을 할 예정입니다! (신청은 이번주 금요일 오후 5시에 이곳 사이트를 통해 받습니다)

일정: 3/24(목) 09:50~12:30
장소: 서울역 근처 가톨릭사랑평화의집
모집인원: 선착순 7명
(6개조로 나누어 5인미만으로 활동예정)
내용: 도시락 배달(6팀), 간단한 뒷정리 등

* 당일 마스크 착용 필수
* 체온측정 필수

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